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10x Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Get proven, money-making marketing strategies from experts. Grow your audience from Facebook Ads. Convert your audience with email marketing.

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4 weeks

120-minute 1-on-1 live training sessions

Crafted by money-making growth marketers

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10x Growth Marketing Bootcamp

100% Online

Self-paced, Part-time OK, Full-time OK

4 weeks

120-minute 1-on-1 live training sessions

Crafted by money-making growth marketers

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Here's what you'll achieve

Money-making marketing strategies

Create your unique marketing strategy that has a 200 to 500% ROI with the help from experts

Lead Generation

Create landing pages that can attract potential customers within days, instead of months

Audience Growth

Exponentially grow your audience using Facebook ads with precise targeting

Audience Retention

Lock in your audience with email marketing with the opportunities to convert to paying customers and upsell on existing customers

Proven Copywriting

Use proven templates of Facebook ads, landing pages and emails that can convert to sales

Convert, Profit & Improve

As your sales funnel starts to bring in profits, continue to improve your sales metrics with proven A/B testing strategies

Curriculum at a glance

4 Phases in 4 Weeks. 100% Online.
Phase 1: Strategize

1.1 Pinpoint your customers & audience

To effectively change someone's mind, you have to understand them. This exercise helps you pinpoint a potential group of customers immediately.

1.2 Pick a battle-tested marketing strategy that fits your online business

Old ideas are secret weapons. They work because they can convert someone into a paying customer. Pick yours from an array of proven strategies.

1.3 Customize your online marketing strategy

All businesses are different, but actually they are not THAT different. So, we can easily customize a proven strategy that fits exactly into your online business.

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Phase 2: Email marketing

2.1 Strategize your first email sequence

Email sequences are the best thing to attract and retain an audience.

2.2 Develop email titles

Nobody opens an email with an unattractive title. Follow guidelines to develop good ones.

2.3 Review your email titles with experts

A review by experts guarantees that your email titles meet the bar.

2.4-2.10 Enroll to unlock

Phase 3: Landing pages

3.1 Create your website in a matter of days

Create a simple website that concisely lists out the product offerings by your online business.

3.2 Lead generators on your website

Develop additional pages for lead generation that can bring in new subscribers to your email list.

3.3 Review with experts

A review by experts guarantees that your website meets the bar.

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Phase 4: Facebook ads

4.1 Grow your audience using Facebook Ads

Get strategies on cost-effectively growing your audience using Facebook Ads.

4.2 Audience targeting

Translate your potential customers into Facebook's custom audience.

4.3 Create your first Facebook Ads

Use proven Facebook ads templates to successfully convert people to your landing page and email list.

4.4-4.8 Enroll to unlock

Success Stories

"Consistent six-figure revenue achieved"
The strategies you learn here are powerful. We are achieving 41% email open rate and more than $200k in revenue. Still growing sales at 100% per year. This is the best investment I've made for my online business.
Xiao @ – online coding bootcamp
This 10x growth marketing bootcamp helped me launch 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns totalling $250k in funding. The strategies are battle-tested and help me launch an online brand from scratch.
Antoine @ – travel gadgets

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120-minute 1-on-1 live training sessions
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