Cold Subscribers

What is a cold subscriber? Cold subscriber is a subscriber who hasn’t opened or clicked on your email for the past 90 days (it can vary).

It’s important to identify who’s a cold subscriber because it’s generally accepted that it’s not a good practice to send emails to subscribers once they become “cold”. Sending emails to cold subscribers can damage your email reputation significantly because email inbox providers might identify you as a spammer.

Once your email regulation is damaged, your emails to your “hot subscribers” can only reach the receiver’s spam box. For a business that relies on email marketing, this is detrimental.

The best practice is to routinely identify your cold subscribers and create automated rules so that you will no longer send emails to them.

There’s an exceptional case to handle here. What if some of your cold subscribers are false positives? What this means is that some of these cold subscribers have prevented senders from tracking, so even though they open your emails, our system can’t detect it. If you fear that’s the case, then you can send one email to them to ask them if they still want to stay on your susbcribers list. If they reply that they do, then you can tag them separately as hot subscribers.

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