Scientific Email Marketing

How? Run experiments to optimize your email marketing strategies and make informed decisions backed by real data.

All-In-One Test Kit for Email Marketing

Email Sequences

Create automated, well-planned sequences of emails


Run different versions of email sequences in parallel


Send traditional one-off email campaigns to subscribers


Improve your email deliverability and sender reputation by sending emails with private IP addresses

Tags & Segments

Group your subscribers into segments based on different attributes

Snippets & Templates

Create and embed reusable email templates and content snippets

Powerful Flow Automation

The best way to talk to your subscribers is through a sequence of messages. We offer a powerful automation tool that allows for delays, multi channel splits and more, so you can build the perfect campaign.

Versioning for experimentation

We use versions to organize automated flow campaigns. So you can make improvements in a new version without affecting the experience of existing subscribers.

Powerful email content editor with dynamic variables

We have a WYSIWYG email editor and a simple code language for injecting dynamic variables. Apart from basic variables such as subscriber name and email, you can also add custom variables.

Organize your customers through tags and segments

Tags are refined labels that you can add to your subscribers as they complete different milestones of your marketing campaign. You can then group together subscribers of different tags to form Segments, which are used in Broadcasts and Automation sequences.

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